About Kennie Store Embroidery and Crafts

Best Embroiderer in Jacksonville

At Kennie Store Embroidery and Crafts, we specialize in embroidery and sublimation, with the goal of providing bespoke embroidered clothing of the highest quality to all of our customers and the very best sublimation services for all your items! Rest ...

Customer Service, Our Priority

We are seasoned expert when it comes to embroidery, plus wepridе ourselves on customеr sеrvicе and supеrior quality. our passion for our work is worth еvеry momеnt spеnt as we are truly dеdicatеd to a projеct. We will be courteous and keep you informed ...

Our Creation Process

The materials we use to create our products make our designs look elegant and attractive.

We also utilize modern and precise tools like the white toner and no weeding system to ensure your embroidered, sublimated or crafted product is of the highest ...


Louken Salvan Pluviose II
As described. I definitely recommend this store. Courtesy and the staff listened to your demand. 
Aug 5, 2022